Welcome to a space of deep trust & surrender to your inner wisdom

A space where you can just be, where your authentic self is seen, and where your essence can be remembered.

Together, we share, care, and create. We're here to hold space for you, supporting you through your personal journey of self-realization, finding your own truth, healing, purpose and fulfillment.



You sense deep-seated blockages that hinder the free flow of your life's energy, longing for release and liberation.


You've devoted time and effort to your personal growth and development, but still, something inside you feels unfulfilled.


A sense of emptiness, struggling with questions about who you are and your place in the world, often due to losing a sense of safety or certainty.


Persistent state of hyper-vigilance, where you're constantly on guard and struggle to relax, even in safe environments.


You find yourself perpetuating the same patterns over and over again, it can leave you feeling trapped in a cycle, yearning for a breakthrough to the freedom beyond.


Emotional numbing or detachment, where you find it difficult to feel or express emotions as a way to protect yourself from pain.


You are eager to grow and develop yourself in your professional or personal life.



Deep inner peace and a state of calm that helps you navigate daily challenges with greater ease.


To make your dreams and desires your reality.


A vibrant creative expression and the ability to share your unique gifts and talents with the world.


Increased energy levels and vitality, enabling you to make the most of your days and pursue your passions with enthusiasm.


A powerful connection with your inner wisdom, allowing you to live each day more authentically and confidently.


Enhanced intuition and spiritual alignment, guiding you towards meaningful choices and experiences.


Deeper and more fulfilling relationships, based on mutual understanding and authentic connection.

"Healing isn't about acquiring something outside yourself. Healing is about returning to your natural state."

Energetic Activation & Bodywork can support you in this because:


It directly works on releasing emotional blockages, offering profound relief and restoring your natural state of balance.


It enhances your self-awareness and insight by connecting you with your inner wisdom, providing clarity about your true needs and boundaries.


It makes you more strongly connected with your intuition, living from self-love and your soul's mission.


It supports you in the process of letting go and creating space for new growth, helping you break free from old patterns and limitations.


This process triggers deep rewiring of the brain and nervous system, it offers unique healing essential for profound personal growth and recovery.


It can provide a breakthrough in your personal growth, leaving you feeling strong and confident.


It strengthens your spiritual connection, guiding you from the heart towards what is best for you.


By consciously engaging with our energy, we clear blockages, elevate our vibration, and enter a flow state where all seems possible.

Emotional Release On Cellular Level

Suppressed emotions, subconscious beliefs, memories, and trauma literally get locked into our bodies on a cellular level as science has discovered.

Increased Self-Awareness

Regular sessions can heighten self-awareness and mindfulness, encouraging a deeper connection with one’s own body and emotions.

Enhanced Energy Flow

Promotes the free flow of life force energy (chi, kundalini, prana) throughout the body, enhancing vitality and preventing energy stagnation.


What can you expect?

While we invite you to enter each session with an open heart and no set expectations, be prepared for the possibility of transformation. Energetic bodywork is a deeply holistic practice that touches every aspect of your being—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—by tapping into the wellspring of your life force energy.

As we navigate through the session, we’ll gently peel away the layers that obscure your true essence. You might encounter a spectrum of experiences: from vivid visions and emotional catharsis to a profound sense of unity with the universe. You may feel spontaneous movements, a tingling sensation, waves of bliss, or the awareness of your energy centers.

The key is to trust and surrender to your inner guidance, allowing yourself to be a witness to whatever arises. Each session is as unique as you are, offering a personalized journey that can vary with every experience. It’s your individual process, a sacred space for self-discovery and authentic expression. Rest assured, you will always receive exactly what you need and can handle at that moment.

Our Services

Find the session that's right for you


Share the journey with others and experience the amplified energy of group dynamics. Get inspired and supported from like-minded individuals.


Journey together with your partner or a close friend into the depths of energetic bodywork. Perfect for couples looking to grow together and enrich their relationship


Enjoy the comfort of your own space while engaging in our online sessions, accessible from anywhere in the world. Best suited for those who value flexibility and accessibility, which are just as powerful and effective as in-person sessions.


Dit was min tweede sessie. En ik was weer erg verbaasd over hoe mijn lichaam reageert op de energie. Ik had nooit verwacht dat ik er zo snel open voor zou staan, maar ik vind het erg fijn. Mel en Chris stellen je ook erg op je gemak en ze hebben beiden echt een super fijne energie. Waardoor het ook minder spannend is om jezelf eraan over te geven. Ik vond het een positieve sessie, ik voelde me zelfverzekerd en krachtig. Na de sessie voelde ik me beter, ik heb meer positieve energie en ik voel me weer krachtiger om meer voor mezelf te kiezen. Ik heb echt het gevoel dat ik positieve verandering bij mezelf zie na de sessies. Waardoor ik graag nog meer sessies zou willen doen. Al met al een hele fijne ervaring!


Ik ben zo blij en dankbaar dat ik de mogelijkheid heb gekregen om hier bij te zijn! Ik heb de gehele sessie als erg positief ervaren, ondanks dat het best confronterend was. Ik heb tijdens deze sessie nieuwe inzichten opgedaan en ben een stukje dichterbij mijn doel gekomen: innerlijke rust! Deze sessie heeft mij niet alleen mentaal krachtiger gemaakt, maar ook mijn lichamelijke klachten verlicht. Mel en Chris voelen de groep erg goed aan. Ik voelde me de gehele sessie op mijn gemak. Voor een first timer als ik, was dit best spannend. Echter was het gevoel van zenuw gelijk bij binnenkomst verdwenen. Ze informeren goed over de "nasleep" en bieden eventueel ook hun guidance aan. Al met al een hele fine ervaring!


На lieverds, mijn sessie met jullie in een groep was voor mij mindblowing. Wat een intense kracht voelde ik door mij heen stromen die enorm veel gereleased heeft wat voor mijn gevoel zelfs verder gaat dan dit leven wat er is los gelaten. Dat kon ook gebeuren omdat ik me heel veilig voelde en jullie enorm getalenteerd zijn in spaceholden van nature. Jullie gevoeligheid, jullie zorg en zuiverheid vind ik heel bijzonder. Dit raad ik iedereen aan die in een safe space WIl releasen en openen naar een nog zuiverdere en meer met het hart verbonden versie van zichzelf. Graag doe ik weer mee next time P.s een prive sessie zie ik ook wel zitten


The group sessions with cacao and breathing to move Kundalini energy led my Mel was very powerful! I had several insights and clarity of what I had set as intention. Also, I felt very welcomed and in a safe environment! The warmth from Mel, her partner and the group made the session flow very easily. I really liked it and hope to be able to do it again!



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Meet the dynamic duo, Chris Rex and Mel Joëlle. Their shared journey began in 2014 when their paths crossed, instantly creating a deep connection as soulmates, lovers, and best friends. Now, a decade into their journey, it’s clear that their collaboration in this work is no coincidence. Their synergy in this work, has made them perfectly in tune with each other. Chris and Mel have always supported each other in their roles as spaceholders, diving deep into a journey of transformation, healing, and self-discovery. Their path of growth nourished by both personal setbacks and breakthroughs, is the foundation of their relationship, work, and mission.


Their mission is to create an environment of safety and trust, allowing you to fully surrender to the process, guided by the forces of love and light. They guide you on your path to liberation, utilizing transformative energetic techniques to transmute blockages and traumas. This enables you to explore and embrace your true self and to re-establish a deeper connection with your essence, freeing you from the limits of the mind and living more from the wisdom of the heart.


Together, they have been personally trained by Energy Masters; Elliot Saxby in Kundalini Bodywork (Level 1 & 2) and Pi Villaraza in innerdance, bringing a wealth of experience and profound knowledge to their practice. Committed to lifelong learning they immerse themselves in new methodologies and knowledge, perpetually expanding their understanding and application of this transformative work.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is energetic bodywork?

Energetic bodywork is a holistic practice that aims to balance and harmonize the body's energy system through Lifeforce energy activation, gentle touch, de-armouring, and other techniques. By transforming blockages such as trauma, limiting beliefs, and stagnant energies within the body, we enable Lifeforce energy to circulate freely, thereby significantly enhancing well-being across all facets of life.

Who is energetic bodywork for?

Energetic bodywork is suitable for anyone looking to enhance their overall well-being, reduce stress, and promote relaxation. It's beneficial for everyone interested in exploring alternative healing modalities.

What can I expect during a session?

During a session, you'll start with the option to enjoy raw cacao, followed by a guided meditation and activating practices. Then, you'll transition to the energetic phase where you'll lay comfortably on a mat, optionally covered with a blanket and wearing an eye mask. The practitioner may use gentle touch or hands-off techniques to facilitate the flow of energy throughout your body.

How can energetic bodywork benefit me?

Energetic bodywork can help release energetic blockages, alleviate tension, and promote emotional balance. It may also enhance your body's natural ability to heal and support overall vitality.

Are there any specific requirements or contraindications?

Energetic bodywork is generally safe for most individuals. However, if you have a history of psychosis or schizophrenia, it's advisable to consult your doctor beforehand. Additionally, please note that our sessions are not meant to diagnose or treat medical conditions. If you have specific health concerns or are pregnant, we recommend consulting with a healthcare professional prior to booking a session.

How often should I receive energetic bodywork?

The frequency of sessions can vary depending on your individual needs and goals. Some people benefit from regular sessions to maintain balance and well-being, while others may choose to receive sessions as needed for relaxation and stress relief.


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